Wrong midi input

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Wrong midi input

Post by dalematt »

I bought Miditech Midiface II to link my Roland Fantom-S to ScoreWriter 4; however, midi input in ScoreWriter keeps showing midilink and not Midiface II. I had tried M-Audio, didn't like it, deleted it, but can't get rid of the midilink from it. It shows up on ScoreWriter, but nowhere on the computer anywhere.

Is there a way of getting rid of it (free, if possible, as my pension limits my finances)? Is there a way of getting Midiface II to appear in the midi input of ScoreWriter? I have everything hooked up properly.

Thanks for any help.
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Post by Robert »

If you're on Mac you can update your setup in the audio and midi configuration, into your applications> utilities folder.
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Dale, I posted some comments to your previous request on this topic in the Score Writer 4 forum.
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Re: Wrong midi input

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First, double-check that each MIDI device cable is connected to the correct ports. Input devices like MIDI keyboards will connect their MIDI OUT port to the other MIDI device’s MIDI IN port. MIDI THRU ports connect to INPUT ports and will pass on any data received from their own device’s INPUT port. Problems with the software configuration are more common than MIDI device failure. For virtual instruments, make sure the MIDI controller is selected as the MIDI or instrument track’s input. If your MIDI devices are connected but not triggering the correct features or instruments, they might be assigned to the wrong channel. Check your MIDI device’s user manual for more information about changing its MIDI channels or resetting it.
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