Overture 4 and Windows 10

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Overture 4 and Windows 10

Post by alansheffield »

Some years ago, I started to use Overture 4 on a Windows 8.1 desktop. This worked fine. When Windows 10 came along, I opted to switch to it. However, when I tried to use Overture 4 after the change, I found that there was no sound when playing back. I decided to switch back to Windows 8.1 and this restored the sound. Now that Windows 8.1 is no longer supported, I am faced with the same problem. Can anyone reassure me that I will be able to use my trusted Overture 4 under Windows 10.
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Re: Overture 4 and Windows 10

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Hi Alan,

I use Overture 4 on Windows 10 -64-bit, but I do not use VST directly loaded into it. I can play the keyboard and get sound (via GM) directly.

I didn't think that was enough assurance for you though, so I asked a friend and he reported the following:
I do use VST's... My old unit was windows 7 but the new one is windows 11 and all seems to work fine.

I know that on my studio computer at home that runs windows 7 professional, was NOT able to run the Overture 4.1 when switched to windows 10. I had to go back to win 7 pro...
Based on this, you could move directly to 11, or there is always trying Win 10 and testing the audio configuration to confirm.

Maybe others who are using it can provide further confirmation for you.

Hope this helps somehow.


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