SW4 and VST

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SW4 and VST

Post by pksml »

Hello. I'm new to SW4. I've existed with SW version 1 for several years now. There's this new feature called VST - apparently some sort of way to record higher quality sound than what MIDI and cheap sound cards can yield.

So I downloaded a plugin from http://www.yohng.com/vsti/4fpiano-win.zip

I set the folder for the plugins in SW. I loaded the instrument in the VST Instruments dialog box. Now what?

I had the instruments dialog box open, clicked play in the main window, and get a nice and big wave file -- yet it's entirely silent.

What am I not getting? I'm sure it's not that complicated. I'm just new to VST and the help file doesn't explain much in detail.

Thanks for any help!

Post by pksml »

Yes, for PC.

The zip file I linked to only contains a txt file and a dll file. No installer or anything.

Perhaps you could point me in the right direction. I'm looking just for a good-quality (and free :) ) piano VST plugin.

My tracks in SW are all piano (the first MIDI patch).

As for the wave file, the VST is supposed to save the result in that format. Or am I off here too? SW does give an option to save a WAV file with VST.

I'm under the impression that VST is similar to soundfonts used for MIDI with Creative sound cards. It greatly enhances the sound of the MIDI file. Any good reading that might explain what exactly VST is used for and how to use it effectively in SW?

Thanks for the reply Jim and I'm looking forward to learning more from you.

Post by pksml »

Thanks a million for the in-depth explanation!
Turns out all I needed to do was go to the tracks window and set the device to the piano module. And yes, I'm more used to MIDI.

Now if only Genie-soft could include this tutorial in the help file!
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Post by nestorjlimph »

I tried to do the same creating a VST plugin Folder and paste the .dll file there. Nothing on the drop down window for VST at the menu except the "Set Folder" when I tried to open it again. Anything I missed?
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Re: SW4 and VST

Post by alicebobby »

I appreciate your thorough explanation very much!
It turns out that all I had to do was choose the piano module on the device by going to the tracks window. True enough, I'm more accustomed to MIDI.

If only Genie-soft could include this tutorial to the help file, that is!  tunnel rush 
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