Score Writer 5 - Playback does not work

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Alexander Smith
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Score Writer 5 - Playback does not work

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Score Writer 5. Windows 10 operating system.
I installed the demo version. I could enter notes, etc., but playback didn't work. When I pressed play, the red cursor appeared at the beginning of the rudimentary score, but did not advance. I figured that it's a demo version, so play must be disabled. I had used Score Writer years ago when it was manufactured by GenieSoft (if memory serves correctly), and liked it, so I went ahead and downloaded the paid version.
I installed and activated the paid version. Same thing. Play doesn't work. Also, I enabled "Drag note chromatically" in preferences. Notes can be dragged. but no sound associated with dragging the note, or indeed, if I click on the note.
I tried uninstalling then reinstalling - same result.
I uninstalled, the re-downloaded the program and installed. Same result. Playback simply doesn't play.
Can anyone offer advice?
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Re: Score Writer 5 - Playback does not work

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Re: SW5 version 5.6.3-3 Playback hangs
Post by Don » Mon Dec 14, 2020 12:19 pm

Reset your audio engine, menu>Audio/MIDI>Audio Settings>Audio Device Type.
If another program, including YouTube or like, is using the audio device, Score Writer will not playback.
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