[Solved]Scorewriter 5 shuts down when opening some midi files

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[Solved]Scorewriter 5 shuts down when opening some midi files

Post by ClaireH »

I have just purchased the Scorewriter 5 upgrade, I previously used Scorewriter 2.6.

I use scorewriter to notate standard midi files exported from Reaper DAW. This works fine on Scorewriter 2.6. But when I try to import a Reaper-generated .mid file into SW5, the program briefly displays "Converting track 1" and then just shuts down completely with no error message.

I don't understand why SW5 will not open my .mid file, while SW2.6 and all other programs (Windows Media Player, Mixpad, Realplayer etc) open it successfully.

Here is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/377ixyd7uawdkjs/mid2.MID?dl=0

SW5 will open some .mid files sourced from the internet OK, others cause the program to shut down without warning.

At the moment I have had to re-load SW2.6, so any help much appreciated, thanks.
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Re: Scorewriter 5 shuts down when opening some midi files

Post by Don »

This has been fixed in the next release.
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