Classical Symphony on Familiar Tunes -- Finale (Presto)

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Classical Symphony on Familiar Tunes -- Finale (Presto)

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Here is a piece I composed with Score Writer 4.1.5 and am eager to see how it would sound with Overture and ASO, but I don't have those products yet. (Soundfont is GeneralUser GS, with VirtualMIDISynth as the driver.) In this Finale (Presto), the fourth movement of the "Classical Symphony on Familiar Tunes," I use "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow, " "The Farmer in the Dell," "Ring Around the Rosy," and (briefly) "All the Girls in France." I attempted to emulate the style of Haydn or the early Schubert.
IV. Finale (Presto).mp3
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Re: Classical Symphony on Familiar Tunes -- Finale (Presto)

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Thanks Richard - an entertaining listen. I liked your minor key "Ring Around the Rosey" - or as we call it over "Ring o'ring of roses"
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