"Default" frame rate (re time code work)

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"Default" frame rate (re time code work)

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Many (if not all) of the score templates provided with Overture have a frame rate (as pertains to time code work) of 29.976 fr/s.

That is perhaps the most obscure of all the frame rates in the roster supported by Overture. It probably gets its honor by being the first in the menu list, which is organized by numerical value.

Don has pointed out (accurately) that there is no single "standard" or "preferred" frame rate; thus there would be no "more appropriate" default.

Nonetheless, I think it would be much better if one of the less-obscure frame rates were the one that came up when we start with a provided template. I vote for 30 fr/s (yes, "non drop frame", as there is a 30 fr/s "drop-frame" system, although it is pretty obscure).

I do note that if no time code "type" is asserted by the template file, Overture sets the score up with the 24 fr/s time code.

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