[Solved]Can't Remove "Hidden Slur" (or "Tie")

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Re: [Solved]Can't Remove "Hidden Slur" (or "Tie")

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"gercurrat" wrote: "When a note is connected to one or more notes that continue after a system break, they occasionally prevent the note from playing." That can happen at other times as well, not just after a system break. I found a work-around that fixes this. If you manually move the first note away from the bar line, the tied notes will play -- but they don't stay in place when you close and reopen the file. So I put a 1/128th rest in front of the first note and then make the rest invisible; it keeps the note away from the bar line enough to make the tie work, and you can't hear the tiny pause in the sound. (Be sure to restore any rests in any other voices in the track that may have been changed by addition of the 128th rest.)
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