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PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:48 pm 
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Host System: Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (aka "laptop")
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Overture 5.6.1-2

Steps to reproduce:

1) Configure Overture such that a shortcut key can invoke "Measures > Multi-Rest...". I use Ctrl-Alt-R as the shortcut. This step is not absolutely necessary as I have frequently crashed Overture without any special "rush" - but I see that the crash is not repeatable such that the same combination of steps does not always crash. It's very easy to crash - meaning I can crash the system doing these actions many times in a 30 minute session. However, it's not until I add quick timing between actions that I can start to make the crash more repeatable - such that I would think another test person would be able to readily recreate.

2) Ctrl-N (New Score) - Create From Template (use defaults) - Template chosen is Basic->Piano. Music Font is Aloisen. Rest is default (blanked out title/text, key of C major, 4/4, show tempo and pickup measure unchecked, bpm shows 96. [Done]

3) By default I see 5 measures per system on the 1st system, 6 measures per system for the following systems. 5 systems on this page of the grand staff (Treble + Bass clef). Cursor is at measure 1.

4) Move to measure 1 (1st measure of 1st system)

5) Triple click mouse in measure 1 to select entire line (all 5 measures of 1st system)

6) Press Ctrl-Alt-R (or your configured shortcut for Measures > Multi-Rest..) to bring up the "Create Multi-Measure Rest" dialog. The default is to "Combine 5 bars into a rest" which matches the selected amount of measures. This is what I want, I press [Done] to execute. Multi-Measure rest of 5 bars is shown in the 1st system with 4 whole-note rest measures following in the 1st measure in the first system. There was no need to "rush" to do this step. I'm not sure if it's altogether necessary - but it seems to help the chances of failure in the subsequent steps.

7) Move to measure 10 (1st measure of 2nd system) such that cursor is showing measure 10 as current position

8) Press Alt-= to increase the amount of measures per 2nd system to 9 (press Alt-= 3 times)

9) Triple mouse click on measure 10 which selects the entire 2nd system (all 9 measures)
... be prepared to do the following keypresses in quick succession

10) Press Ctrl-Alt-R (or your configured shortcut for Measures > Multi-Rest..) and quickly enter-enter (press enter key twice immediately after pressing Ctrl-Alt-R). 9/10 times I can make this crash.

11) If no crash, 2nd enter will bring you back to the score (dialog goes away) with a 9 bar multi-measure rest in the 2nd system. In this case, press Ctrl-Z to undo the operation and repeat step 9.

On the scale of 100% repeatable to intermittent to once-in-a-blue-moon - this failure when invoked with the above is very close to 100% repeatable.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 10:55 am 
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I was only able to replicate this once out of 30 times.
I did add something that hopefully would prevent it.

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