Crashing after Pasting repeats

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Crashing after Pasting repeats

Post by PeteFine »

I have a score where I am copying a repeat symbol (slash with 2 dots from the Bar Lines menu). As long as those measures in the several inbstuments using that repeat symbol are blank (rests) the score plays fine. However, after I paste those repearts into those measures the score crashes when it gets there (Measure 23).
Also, possibly related (?), I cannot copy and paste more than 1 measure at a time from the piano bass clef part. I can copy many measures but it only pastes the first one- again, measures with the repeat symbol.
Any help?
(score attached)
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Re: Crashing after Pasting repeats

Post by Dean K. »

Hi Pete,

Sent another follow-up reply via PM.

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