Change the playback speed

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Change the playback speed

Post by scottandrewhutchins »

I kept reducing the metronome speed of a piece I was working on, and it kept staying the same. I had it at 200 quarter notes a minute, and I was noticing no matter how much I slowed it down, it sounded the same, even at only 40 quarter notes a minute. That's not terribly useful, but it did trick my brain a bit and make me think it was getting easier to sing, which wasn't a bad thing, but if the tempi are set in stone, that's a definite problem.
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Re: Change the playback speed

Post by Robert »

Well, I never had this problem...
Maybe you can send a copy to test.
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Re: Change the playback speed

Post by Merv »

Under the Help menu there is an online Overture 5 ‘User Guide’. If you search for the terms tempo or metronome you’ll probably find a tidbit of information that will solve your issue. Like Robert said, I too have never encountered this problem.

You probably neglected to tick a box, or entered a wrong parameter, or overlooked something that could easily be found in that forementioned User Guide file.

FYI, Overture handles tempi changes very adequately especially if you use Data View. The Set Tempo menu options work fine too.
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Re: Change the playback speed

Post by TenorAlan »

I'm not sure I am responding to the right matter here, but you can change the playback speed of an Overture score (during playback) with the slider that is below the metronome icon etc.

You can change the speed at which it will be played by default, when loaded, with the tempo setting. This can of course be different in different places in the score.

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Re: Change the playback speed

Post by jeffreestar »

It sounds like you may be experiencing what's known as "tempo illusion" or "tempo constancy." This phenomenon occurs when our perception of tempo remains constant despite actual changes in tempo. It's a fascinating aspect of human auditory perception. that's not my neighbor
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