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Forum Guidelines

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Welcome to the Sonic Scores forum. These guidelines should help you get the most out of your visit.

1. Search the forum before starting a new topic. Before creating a new topic, you can use our search function to scan the forum and see if a similar topic already exists. In many cases, you will uncover more information by reading previous posts than by starting a new topic.

2. Think before you post. Ask yourself these questions:

• Has my question/request/information already been asked/expressed?
• Am I adding anything new/significant to the topic? Is it related to the topic?
• Is this something I want to include in a public, possibly permanent, forum?

3. Post clearly & specifically. Ambiguous questions can lead to no response, leaving the poster discouraged. Instead, make sure to provide as much essential information as is necessary to get your point/question across.

4. Reread your post. It's recommended to check your post for spelling, grammar, and tone so everyone can understand you as clearly as possible.

5. Check your tone of voice. With few exceptions, forum tone should be neutral. Since computers can’t portray the inflection or tone in a person’s voice, how you word your post can directly affect how people will respond.
Try to avoid using all capital letters. THIS IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING.

6. Use an informative subject heading. The subject line of a post is what will first attract people to read it. If it’s vague, verbose, confusing, inflammatory, or doesn’t describe what’s contained within, no one will read it or respond and chances are it will be removed.

Good subject: Notating vs. Sequencing in Overture
Good subject: How do I Enter Multiple Voices on a Track?
Bad subject: Overture Sucks!!!
Bad subject: I was wondering how I can set up 16 tracks of different instruments and I am trying to figure out how all the tracks and staves are supposed to be configured when using the library panel on the left side.

7. Don’t crosspost. If you haven’t gotten a response to your post, don’t repost it across multiple forums. Instead, try to be patient.

8. Be specific when reporting problems. Attaching a screenshot and project file, and outlining your steps is ideal for confirming your issue. Try to include all pertinent information. For example:

Platform & Version of Operating System Ex. Windows oS 11 or Mac oS Ventura
Hardware Specifications Ex. CPU, RAM, Audio Card/Interface
Version of Overture/Score Writer Ex. Version 5.6.3-3
Other Software Specifications Ex. VST Plugins & Music Libraries

9. Trim signatures. Signatures are common at the end of posts. They can include a small picture, quote, your computer and hardware/software specifications, or song lyrics. Ideally, something that represents you in some way.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your signature under four lines. Anything more will compete with the content of your post and compromise the readability of the bulletin board.

10. Not sure? Get permission. If you have a post, video, music, or pictures that you’d like to share but aren’t sure if it's appropriate for the forum, simply request permission from an administrator for further clarity.
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