Duet joiners

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Duet joiners

Post by timtrax »

I was recently laying out a page of 12 single staff lines - treble clef.
I wanted just line 4 and 5 bracketed together as this was a duet. I wanted all others to remain single. Whatever bracket type I chose, all the lines became bracketed. Is there a solution?
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Post by JohnD »

It works over here. Maybe you're doing it differently?


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Post by Bart »

Hi John, in this way you've got the bracket but you can hardly call the other staves single. :wink:

The - lousy - workaround (but only in Overture!) I think is to open a Single Staff template, add another treble clef staff and remove the ones you don't want to see (Score>Show/Hide Staves). The lousy thing is that the barline left of the clef remains, one of the few things I can't tolerate.

And then, this is SW area, no Show/Hide feature.........

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Re: Duet joiners

Post by gnssandall@gmail.com »

How can you set up Scorewriter 5 to see two scores at the same time (to create a concerto or 4-person duet with two scores at the same time)? I could do it before in Scorewriter 2 by simply opening 2 windows at the same time, or opening the program 2 times. No such luck now!
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Re: Duet joiners

Post by iveygreiner »

ok ill look into it thanks
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