Garritan Jazz and Big Band - Alto sax example
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Author:  Barry Graham [ Sun Sep 09, 2012 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Garritan Jazz and Big Band - Alto sax example

In my search for realistic examples of saxophone sounds I came across a MIDI file posted on the Northern Sounds forum by contributor James Snyder back in 2007.
"Invitation" (Alto solo) transcribed and sequenced by James from Sammy Nestico's "The Complete Arranger".
The mp3 in the link below was rendered from the MIDI file through Aria Player using the Jazz and Big Band Alto 3 sample and Ballroom 1 ambience then converted to a 192 kbps mp3 using Switch. (1Mb download)

The original MIDI file is here:-

Import into Overture and study the use of controllers in the Graphic Window.
The included controllers and their purpose on a wind instrument track are listed below:-
Velocity (Accents)
Channel Aftertouch (Vibrato intensity)
Pitch Wheel (Pitch bend)
CC1 Modulation (Dynamics and timbre)
CC7 Volume (Track balance)
CC12 (Air flow noise)
CC13 (Key click noise
CC17 (Vibrato speed)
CC18 (Growl)
CC20 (Portamento)
CC21 (Length/Release time)
CC22 (Tuning variation)
CC23 (Timbre variation)
CC26 (Filter EQ level)
CC27 (Filter centre frequency)
CC64 Sustain (Legato on/off)

Here's hoping the Overture 5 samples and engine can reproduce such an expressive result.

Author:  Tatsu Nagao [ Thu Sep 13, 2012 6:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Garritan Jazz and Big Band - Alto sax example

I myself don't have JABB, but took a look into "Garritan Jazz and Big Band.xm" in VSTDevices folder. There are sentences for MIDI controllers which you wrote. So almost all of those controllers can be manually assigned to several symbols or articulation texts. And also, by using Edit/MIDI DATA & pressing TAB, you'll see MIDI controller screen and controller graph which is useful if you use VST XML.

Wow, just now I read Aria Player.xml, and it doesn't include JABB instruments but only GPO instruments. So, it won't work when you use JABB in Aria player. It seems Don should revise the XML and it takes only a little work.

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