Variations on a Theme of Myaskovsky

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Variations on a Theme of Myaskovsky

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My latest complete composition (with Overture and Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra) is “Variations on a Theme of Myaskovsky.” The tune comes from Nikolai Myaskovsky’s Symphony No. 22 in B Minor, “Symphonic Ballad,” of 1941.

The recording (16 minutes) is here: ... ations.mp3
0:00 Introduction
0:19 Statement of the Theme (from Myaskovsky, my arrangement)
1:47 Variation I – Allegro
2:49 Variation II – Andante
5:39 Variation III – Vivace
7:43 Variation IV – Andante
11:17 Variation V – Lento (Chorale)
13:49 Transition
14:12 Reprise of the Theme (my arrangement)
15:27 Epilogue

For anyone interested, the score is here: ... ations.pdf . Nikolai Myaskovsky (1881-1950) wrote 27 symphonies. He was a professor at the Moscow conservatory, a contemporary and friend of Shostakovich, but wrote in a more traditional style and apparently avoided the kind of condemnation Shostakovich received from Soviet cultural authorities. Consequently, critics today tend to discount Myaskovsky, but his later works, especially, are undergoing a bit of a re-appreciation. I chose a concluding section of his Symphony No. 22 upon which to construct a set of orchestral variations, in connection with the composition course I have been taking through the University of Wisconsin..
Dr. R. C. Leonard
Hamilton, Illinois USA
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