Make File>Open directory "sticky"

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Make File>Open directory "sticky"

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I believe this was discussed some while ago.

Of course it would be very complex for a program like Overture to "guess" what directory should be opened on a File>Open call to be most convenient for the scorist at the time. But I think it could come closer to that than at present.

I create subdirectories of my main Overture score directory for different projects. Of course while working on one project, I may well need to go into the subdirectory for some other project to look at something, or to steal a bit of notation. Overture could hardly guess what subdirectory I might want to go into next.

But if there is any predicable aspect to my peregrinations, it is that often I want to go into the last subdirectory I had opened, perhaps to look at an alternate version of the project score I have there, or some ingredients I know I would often want to refer to and copied into that subdirectory. (Just now I am working on some short tutorial scores showing several different harmonizations that might be applied to a certain melody, all held in the same project subdirectory. I often need to go back and forth among these, and each time I have to navigate from the "main" Overture score file directory.)

Accordingly, I think it would in general be most useful for the directory offered by File>Open to be "sticky". Or perhaps whether not not it was could be a Preferences setting.

Probably this should not prevail between sessions, so when Overture is opened, initially the directory offered by File>Open would be the one set in Preferences.

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Re: Make File>Open directory "sticky"

Post by PeteFine »

Just read this post from a month ago. Excellent suggestion. When working on parts I often need to go back to the last folder I was working with.
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