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Page Break or Systems per Page

Post by PeteFine »

I often have to print parts that are playable with page turns. Sometimes one can move measures (Ctl + / Ctl -) to have a page end with a rest but sometimes a part is so busy that the only way to allow a page turn is to have less systems on that particular page (kind of like a "Page Break" in a word processor). I have not found a way, for example, to have 3 systems on one individual page while having 6 on another etc... Wasn't this feature was available in older versions of Overture?
Maybe even a "page break" command would be very handy for parts...?
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How to add Page Breaks in Instrumantal Parts Re: Page Break or Systems per Page

Post by FlinderHiew »

Indeed it is available.
The trick is whenever you don't know how to do something, try Right-Click :) You may have already found this since you posted, but just in case...

1. View the instrument part
2. Right-click on the measure before your desired page break
3. Select Measure > Page Break After Measure
4. Re-space systems if required

Don, if you're reading this, ideally it would be nice (but not high priority) if:

1. There could be a menu item for this e.g. Score Menu > Page Break after measure

2. When working on an individual part, perhaps a "Part" menu could appear, containing items such as:
Part > Decrease Systems on Page
Part > Increase Systems on Page
Part > Page Break after Measure
Part > Re-space staves...
(I know this could take a bit of work to implement though, so I'd see it as low priority)
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