Audio file output - offered filename

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Audio file output - offered filename

Post by TenorAlan »

It would be desirable that when we call the "export (audio) file" dialog if it would offer a filename based on the source score filename. Often the scorist might wish the audio file filename to be based directly on the score filename. If not, the desired filename (modified from the offered one or wholly new) can be entered just as it can today.

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Re: Audio file output - offered filename

Post by DrLeonard »

Yes, but when I use the Audio/MIDI "Export to File" feature I always make a "test" file (or some other generic name), because I am just going to put it into Audacity to edit it anyway, and I make the MP3 file from there. Then I throw away the "test." So taking my score name as the name for the "Export . . ." name would be to no advantage.
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