[Solved]Overture 5.6.3-3 crashes at printing

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[Solved]Overture 5.6.3-3 crashes at printing

Post by TheMarcophone »

Running v. 5.6.3-3 on Mac OS Ventura 13.0
The software crashes when trying to print.
I've been out of my work for seven months and this is the first time I open Overture for a long time.

The bug has been reported to me by another colleague and seems to happen on different cpus...

Can you help?
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Re: Overture 5.6.3-3 crashes at printing

Post by Don »

This has been fixed. Just download the demo and install it.
The demo is the same as the retail version.

or use the temporary solution : Try to select the " Range from " intead of " All pages" .
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Re: [Solved]Overture 5.6.3-3 crashes at printing

Post by Merv »

Good to know you’re still alive and kicking, Don!
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Re: [Solved]Overture 5.6.3-3 crashes at printing

Post by Pancho Lopez »

Thank you for your help,
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Pancho Lopez
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