Why does it keep deleting measures?

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Why does it keep deleting measures?

Post by scottandrewhutchins »

I had a measure in 7/16. I decided that the notes were faster than I wanted, and tried to change the notes and time signature--a 32nd to a 16th, and two 16ths to two 8ths, changing the measure to 7/8. Every time I attempted this, the measure simply disappeared. It skipped from the first measure to the third measure. I don't understand. I'm copying from a handrwritten manuscript that has so little written yet that I simply closed the file. It was too much of a nuisance to save.
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Re: Why does it keep deleting measures?

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Hi Scott,

In this thread:

https://sonicscores.com/forum/viewtopic ... 54&t=23689

You can refer to different results based on different Overture builds that occur when changing time signatures. The best way I found around this was to stick with Overture Build 5.6.1-2. Maybe others have more they can share with you.

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