Turning on "Auto Save" Feature

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Turning on "Auto Save" Feature

Post by DrLeonard »

I have "Auto Save" turned on in "Options/Preferences," set to save every 1 minute, but when I work on a file I see no activity in the folder I have specified for the Auto Save. Can anyone enlighten me about how to get this to work?
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Re: Turning on "Auto Save" Feature

Post by FlinderHiew »

My guess is that there are two kinds of file: Manually saved and Auto saved.
[1.] Auto saved would only be accessible by Overture, and accessed in event of a crash and restart. It may be some kind of invisible file, perhaps? Possibly in the Library>Application Support in Mac; Possibly in ProgramData in Windows.
[2.] Manually saved would be what you expect to see; and would only be written when the user activates the Save command.

So I don't think you need to activate the feature at all: it will recover if you crash.
All the above is guesswork, and may be wrong. :)
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