[Solved]Guitar TAB print offset

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[Solved]Guitar TAB print offset

Post by BeGroovEye »

3-2 screenshot pdf.jpg
3-2 screenshot pdf.jpg (36.39 KiB) Viewed 1482 times
3-2 screenshot overture.jpg
3-2 screenshot overture.jpg (43.28 KiB) Viewed 1482 times
The above also occurs on hard copy printing.

System: Windows 10
pdf generator is print to pdf by MicroSoft (comes with windows 10

TAB in Overture on screen looks fine.


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Re: Guitar TAB print offset

Post by Snorlax »

Please try to use FOXIT READER to print your PDFs; the M$ print driver wreaks havoc with notation programs.
Foxit Reader is free and works very well. I like it so much I bought the full paid version. 99.4765% as capable as Adobe at 17.3% of the price and 0% of the security flaws and other hassles.
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Re: Guitar TAB print offset

Post by Don »

Fixed in the next release.
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