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Post by Bart »

Hi all,

Very recently an unknown piano piece by Joh. Brahms was found. Opus posthumus of course. He wrote it when he was 20 years old. It'is called 'Albumblatt' (since he lived in Germany). 8)
It can be found at my wife's website" onclick=";return false;
There's an English version of this site (upper right). Search at 'the music', if you'd like to have the tune.
Score engraved with Overture of course.
There are more scores overthere, by the way.

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Re: Brahms

Post by Raymond63 »

Found it, but it is not playing. MP3 button is not active. Be warned, I'll personally come to your hometown to repair this....... 8)

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Re: Brahms

Post by Mike Bunker »

An overture copy would be nice to have, but I see there in no provision for that. Then I could assign instruments and play it. I see the file cannot be saved as a PDF. Bummer.
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