Product Comparisons
Compare the differences between Overture 5 and Score Writer 5.
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Product Comparisons

See the difference
Feature Overture Score Writer
Overview Flexible, Comprehensive and Easy, Overture is great for more demanding composers, arrangers, music educators, and students—those who want the flexibility to create more complex orchestral, band, choral, lead sheet, and tablature scores, and do it quickly. Simple and Straightforward, Score Writer is appropriate for people new to notation and composition, and whose needs are relatively simple and straight forward. It covers lead sheet work to small ensemble scores easily.
Setup Wizard
Number of Templates Over 40 Over 20
Number of Tracks 128 16
Number of Voices per Track 8 4
Import/Export MIDI Files
Import/Export MusicXML Files
Import/Export Graphic Images
Built in Hand Written Fonts
Support 3rd Party Music Fonts
Customization of Libraries
Simultaneously extract multiple parts to disk.
Entering & Editing
Feature Overture Score Writer
Enter Notes with Computer Keyboard  
Enter Notes in Step Time  
Enter Notes in Real Time
Number of Tool Palettes 12 9
Cross staff beaming
Cross bar beaming
Feathered beaming  
Composer tools
Explode track
Automatic Guitar tablature
Customizable tablature with complete set of professional tablature performance markings
Choral “shape” notes  
Slash notes (rhythmic notation)
Drum notation (control over which note heads display on which lines)
Multiple sets of customizable drum notation styles stored in libraries
On Score MIDI Editing
Track List View
Graphic View for MIDI Editing
Text & Markings
Features Overture Score Writer
Lyric Verses 8 4
Guitar Frames Basic and custom Basic
Chord Symbols Basic and custom Basic
Rehearsal Marks Basic and custom Basic
Staff Group Names
Compound Time Signatures
Hollywood Lines
SMPTE Time Code
Score Layout
Features Overture Score Writer
Linear View
Scale Score Size 20% to 150% Small, Medium, and Large
Custom Engraving Settings
Ossia Staves
Hide Individual Staves
Page and System Breaks
Split and Combine Systems
Codas, Segnos, etc.
Playback & Record
Features Overture Score Writer
VST/AU Support
Record Filter
Video Playback
Export to Audio
Custom Per Track Dynamic Values
Transport Start, Stop, Start from Beginning, Record, Loop Start, Stop, Start from Beginning, Record
Record Options Split Point and Auto Transcribe Automatically add Staccato and Tenuto markings Split Point and Auto Transcribe
Play Style As recorded, as written, in swing As recorded, as written, in swing